Something to Celebrate – Joelle & Josh’s Maui Couples Portraits

We had the distinct pleasure of meeting our new friends, Joelle and Josh, on a bright beautiful morning along the Magic Isle’s Southern shore for their Maui Couples Portraits. As the Aloha Spirit enveloped this beaming Utah pair, they radiated with a warmth from within that can’t be described. The charming couple couldn’t be happier as they celebrate the next phase of their life. After recently obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree, Josh is ecstatic to be starting his new career upon return from their getaway. As if that wasn’t enough reason to rejoice, our happy couple moved up the celebration of their upcoming 5th wedding anniversary…and not just because they happened to be in paradise. As it turns out, when the special day rolls around, they will already be celebrating another momentous occasion…the birth of the twins Joelle is carrying. Wow!!! We couldn’t be happier for this amazing family as they grow and begin these new adventures! Congratulations you two, or should we say you fou


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