Courtney & Brian’s Gorgeous Maui Beach Wedding

For Courtney and Brian, this time in their life is incredible on so many levels. Not only were these sweet newlyweds blessed to be joined by their family for a dream Maui beach wedding, but they also had a special guest. Their future bundle of joy will have the pleasure of knowing they were there to share in mom and dad’s happiness. It was a perfect evening as Courtney and her parents strolled down the beach to an eagerly awaiting Brian and company. As is customary in Hawaii for moms-to-be, our gorgeous expectant bride was presented with an open lei rather than a regular necklace style one. There wasn’t a dry eye on the beach that day as two families became one. The celebrations continued on with an outstanding al fresco dinner at Capische and staff photographer Cheynice was on hand to freeze those moments in time. The love and warmth radiating from these two is clear as day and we wish all the best to this growing family. Mr & Mrs Sales, Mahalo for letting Karma Hill Photography capt


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