Enchanting Elegance – Brittany & Jason’s Maui Beach Wedding

If you ever wanted to know anything about their relationship, look no further than that glorious smile on Jason’s face as the stunning Brittany approached him at their Maui Beach Wedding. Throughout the ceremony, it was so clear that these two are madly in love and can’t wait to build a life together. Channeling James Bond and his leading lady, this Oregon couple just wanted an intimate gathering on a beautiful Maui beach. That’s exactly what they got. The evening was made that much more special by the presence of two beloved grandmothers and we are so thrilled to have been their Maui Wedding Photographer! Embracing the local culture through their Hawaiian inspired ceremony and traditional music, the happy couple got to enjoy the charms the Magic Isle has to offer. I have a feeling they will be back for more. Until then, we want to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Jason and Brittany. It’s been our pleasure. Mahalo & Warm Aloha!!!

All You Need Is Love – Janet & Brent’s Maui Elopement

When you make the trip from Canada, you can’t help but wish for a dreamy Hawaiian night for your Maui Wedding Photography. That’s exactly what Janet and Brent got, the perfect evening. Even so, as their ceremony ending song suggested, all they needed was love for their stunning Maui Elopement. All they needed was each other. This happy couple was blessed with a soft sunset and an even softer breeze. To complete their romantic Maui wedding photos, they had that adorable lone palm stretching for the sea and the quaint Lahaina Harbor as their back drop. Our gorgeous newlyweds couldn’t have appeared any happier as they looked at one another as though no one else existed in the world. The love is clear and will carry them through the adventures ahead. We wish Janet and Brent all the best that life has to offer!!! Come back soon! Warm Aloha & Mahalo!!!Maui Elopement Package:

Smooth Sand & Rocks of Lava – Lindsey & Joe’s Maui Beach Wedding

The sun was bright in the sky, the ocean was blue and Polo Beach was ready for this adorable Canadian couple to be wed on the sand just before sunset. The pair wanted a simple yet beautiful Maui wedding ceremony and we are so happy they chose us to capture the perfect Maui beach photographs for them! Kahu Kale provided a beautiful ceremony and Maui provided the perfect backdrop for some amazing photos at sunset. We are so happy we get to work with fabulous folks like Lindsey and Joe and we wish them so much happiness as they begin their life together as husband and wife!! Mahalo and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding by:

Glimmering Joy – Devin & Joshua’s Maui Beach Wedding

On a golden beach, among friends and family, Devin and Joshua joined together in a heart warming Maui Beach Wedding. With Jimi’s ukulele setting the tone, and the stunning bride & groom’s personal vows moving everyone to tears, this was the romantic evening couples dream of. Making it that much more special was Joshua’s son, Aiden, getting to be a part of the ceremony, as well as Devin’s grandparents being present to share in the joy. We are so glad our talented Maui Wedding Photographer, Cheynice, was able to capture this moment in time for a very special couple. To top off a wonderful evening, the group headed to Merriman’s for an intimate dinner to toast our newlyweds. Devin and Joshua, thank you so much for choosing Karma Hill Photography to be a part of this evening with you and your family. It was honor and we wish you all the best!Warm Aloha!!!Maui Beach Wedding Package:

Happy Hawaii Five-O – Andrea & Kevin’s Maui Couples Portraits

What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to cruise the island in a beautiful roadster. A cool car for a classy couple. Armed with accessories to match, Andrea and Kevin’s Maui Couples Portraits look reminiscent of a 1950’s classic film. Visiting the island from California, these two love birds danced along the coast, strummed an ukulele along the shore, and strolled along the beach. Not bad for one evening’s enjoyment. Andrea and Kevin, you look young and in love, and we couldn’t be happier for you. We can’t wait to see you two back! Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

Fun In The Setting Sun – The Wright Family’s Maui Family Portraits

A four year old + a six year old + waves breaking on the shore = endless family fun!When the Wright Family traveled here from Utah, they took advantage of the opportunity for Maui Family Portraits on the beach. One look at this fun loving bunch and it’s clear they were having a blast. With two adorable kids frolicking in the water, and a pastel skyline in the back ground, this was an amazing session and we were so glad to be a part of it. The West side’s Ironwoods Beach provided the soft and dreamy setting for this family of four to relax and get in to the spirit of the portraits. The position of this Kapalua favorite offers such a cool perspective, and amazing colors.

BraveHart’s Legacy – The Hartman Family’s Maui Family Portraits

.People travel to Hawaii, Maui in particular, for all different reasons. There’s something about the natural beauty from a bygone era, the crisp salty breeze straight off the Pacific, and the easy-going atmosphere that grabs hold of your heart and speaks to your soul. For many, it’s a chance at adventure; for others it’s an opportunity to just relax in a pretty place. For some, though, it’s a special place to heal. We were so honored to meet the Hartman Family and touched to be a part of their Maui Family Portraits. Our majestic island was this warm and caring family’s place of peace to continue their healing journey and spend some quality time with one another. Sometimes things happen in life that…well…just don’t make any sense. We can all learn a lesson from these tough individuals that prove that we are stronger when we stick together. As I write with tears in my eyes for their loss, I am hopeful and moved by the smiles on their faces. At the end of the day, enjoying time with

A Backyard Wedding for Friends! – Kylie & Carlos’ Maui Wedding

Carlos and Kylie are dear friends of ours and when they decided to get married, they knew they wanted something simple, sweet and home grown. In fact they wanted it so simple they were not even going to have a photographer. Of course I was not going to have that so I was happy to be their “guest tographer” wedding guest and photographer. I promised to put down the camera once I had enough wine to make the photos blurry so after a few dancing photos, I joined in the fun and got to relax and celebrate these great friends! I loved their wedding because it had that backyard wedding feel, but it was also ocean front, best of both worlds! It was held at Camp Olowalu so friends and family were able to stay in the cabins right on property to keep the celebration going all night.

Traditions of the Past & Vision of the Future – Carissa & Nicholas’ Maui Beach Wedding

Whether the wedding is elaborate or intimate, every bride knows, it’s all in the details. What better way to capture those elements than with story telling ‘getting ready’ photos. As Carissa and her loved ones prepared for her big day, our talented staff photographer Ajja was able to capture some of the heart warming moments leading up to ‘I do.’ After an emotional note from her soon-to-be husband, this stunning bride arrived at Southside for her romantic Maui Beach Wedding. You can never have too much love and our lucky lady was fortunate enough to be escorted by both her father and step-dad while Etta James’ “At Last” whispered on the wind. Adding to the personal details, as is their tradition, our dashing groom Nicholas welcomed his new wife in to his Scottish clan by pinning his family’s tartan on her during the ceremony. With broad smiles and happy hearts, the newly coined Mr & Mrs Sutherland embark on this fantastic journey together. Congratulations, you two, and thank you for l