Kayla & David’s Maui Beach Wedding – with Karma Hill Photography

We were so honored to be a part of Kayla & David’s Maui wedding. This lovely couple sort of eloped, just Kayla’s grandparents joined them. Kayla did a great job coordinating all the details of the wedding all by herself. Reverend Tino officiated the ceremony at Ironwoods which has got to be one of our favorite locations for sunset weddings. The light comes in at an angle and creates this soft glowing look. Kayla & David were so excited to be married, their love radiated throughout the pictures. Thank you Kayla & David for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture your Maui wedding day!Maui Wedding Photography: Ajja of

Back to the Beach for a Baptism! – The Thiesen Family

I first met the Thiesen’s when I had the privilege of photographing their beautiful wedding in 2011. They were back on Maui and this time they had another member of the family! They wanted to perform a baptism for their adorable daughter on the same beach they were married on. It just so happened that there was a HUGE south swell that day which left most of the beach unusable, but we were lucky to still be able to have the ceremony and instead of bringing the baby to the water, the Kahu brought the water to the baby! It was a beautiful and educational Hawaiian baptism ceremony that involved the whole family! Mahalo Thiesen’s for choosing us again to be a part of another family milestone! I hope to see you back on Maui again for family portraits or perhaps a vow renewal!!

Victoria’s Senior Portrait – by Karma Hill Photography

We met the lovely Victoria for her senior portraits last week! Victoria and her family were visiting Maui for their family friend’s wedding. We also shot Emily & Lucas’s wedding so check out their blog post here. Victoria was so fun and energetic and our absolute favorite kind of senior portrait. We love the combination of locations starting at Mama’s Fish House Beach and then on the way to Baldwin Beach stopping at the surfboard wall. It creates for such a great combination of back drops. Victoria was such a great sport as well always ready to jump and splash whenever Naomi instructed her. Thank you so much Victoria for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture your senior portrait! We wish you the best of luck this year and in the future!Photographer: Naomi of Karma Hill PhotographyLocations: Mama’s Fish House BeachSurfboard WallBaldwin BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui senior portrait with Rachel!

The Higgins Family Portrait – by Karma Hill Photography

We met the Higgins family last week for their Maui family portrait at Southside Beach in Wailea. They are visiting all the way from Texas where they are very familiar with the heat. They got the most gorgeous cloud cover that offered shade so it wasn’t too hot but it the clouds also allowed for vibrant colors to splatter across the sky! Their 3 little boys were so sweet and playful. Staff photographer Naomi was able to capture their energetic personalities in the photos. We hopethat you are enjoying your vacation Higgins family, and thank you so much for choosingKarma Hill Photography to be a memorable part of it!Photographer: Naomi of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: SouthsideTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Schmidt Family!

Cari & Matt’s Honeymoon Portrait – by Karma Hill Photography

We met Cari & Matt last week for their honeymoon portrait at DT Fleming beach! This lovely Montana couple has taken about 4 pictures together in the 3 years that they have been dating! See, Cari is a wedding photography herself, and we all know that when you’re a photographer, you are always taking pictures of everyone else! Even at their wedding, they only had a few pictures of just the two of them together! It was their turn to have their pictures taken by us! Staff photographer Sasha captured their love and playfulness and she was able to focus ONLY on them! We hope that you enjoy your pictures Cari & Matt and we wish you the very best! Thank you for booking with Karma Hill Photography! Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: DT FlemingTime of Day: SunsetSee our last honeymoon portrait with Faisal & Sam!

Second Time’s the Charm! Schmidt Maui Family Portraits – by Karma Hill

The Schmidt’s booked me to take their family portraits three years ago but ended up having to cancel due to their son getting a wicked heat rash! Such a bummer!! Well, this time when they came back to Maui, they decided they were going to try again to get family portraits with me and I am so happy that it all worked out this time!! The Schmidt’s are from my home state of Washington and I had a fun time chatting with them about what’s going on back home, seems as though traffic has gotten worse, although it’s hard to imagine and a new trend is urban farming, Chickens in the city, who would have thought!! Our Maui city chickens are more of the “free range” type. I once saw one walking through the Wendy’s drive through, I thought, “now that’s chicken to go”! No matter where we live though, family is the same and this family absolutely adores their energetic and adorable little boy.

Richards Family Portraits by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

We were supposed to meet at Baby Beach the morning of the Richards family portraits, but unfortunately their little guy had an ouchie on his finger that mom didn’t want to get sand in, so we moved their session to their hotel. We took advantage of the tropical landscaping and then made a short hike to a lava rock outcropping to get some sweeping views of the ocean. Maui is a special place for the Richards family as mom and dad honeymooned here! This is the second time they have brought the kids with them and the whole family seemed to be having a great time!

Krystal & Joe’s Maui Beach Wedding – by Karma Hill Photography

Krystal & Joe were married last week at Maluaka beach by Reverend Valentine Rosete. They did what we do best and kept things gorgeous and simple. They didn’t bring any guests with them, just Krystal’s 11-year old son. Krystal & Joe exchange their heartfelt vows as staff photographer Ajja took pictures. They were surrounded by rain clouds which creates soft beautiful light but they were lucky enough not to see any rain. After the ceremony Krystal & Joe took some family pictures and then went into their romantic couple’s time. They were so happy to finally be married and walk hand in hand together. Thank you so much Krystal & Joe for letting Karma Hill Photography be a part of your special day!Photographer: Ajja of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: MaluakaTime of Day: SunsetOfficiant: Valentine RoseteCheck out our last Maui wedding with Darcie & Matthew!

Angela & Nathan’s Maui Maternity Portrait – by Karma Hill Photography

Maternity portraits are always so much fun because like weddings the couple is about to embark on a new chapter in their life. It’s always so exciting to be able to capture that and put those special feelings into something tangible… photographs! Angela & Nathan are the sweetest couple visiting us all the way from Canada. Staff photographer Naomi met them at Southside beach where they began their fun maternity portraits. Usually the mother has a special glow to her but in this case they both did! Nathan had that glow gleaming across his face as well and they made Naomi’s job so fun and easy. They danced and played in the waves and were so lucky to get one of our gorgeous Hawaii sunsets! Thank you so much Angela & Nathan for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture your Maui maternity portrait! We hope to get to meet the little one sometime soon!Photographer: Naomi of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: SouthsideTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui maternity portrait with Natalie

Welcome Back Coburn Family! – by Karma Hill

I first met the Coburn family Waaaaaaaaay back in 2007 when I first started my business. I was so happy to hear that I would get to work with this wonderful family again! The very first time we met I did photos for them at their hotel, this time we chose a different location not far from their hotel, Maluaka beach. It was a bit overcast but otherwise a very nice evening with pretty soft light, that is until it started POURING down rain!! We all ran for cover but it wasn’t letting up. Thankfully we had already gotten in a full hour of photos before we had to stop so they still ended up with a well rounded collection. Mahalo Coburn family for finding me again and I hope it isn’t another seven years until I see you next!!