Kaitlyn & Co. – A Little girls dream shoot! by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

When Kaitlyn’s mom first contacted Brooke, her email went something like… “I am wanting something fun, can I get more info on surfboards and ponies?” As soon as Brooke mentioned ponies, my ears perked up! I have been wanting to do a Pony shoot FOREVER. Melissa at Maui Ponies was kind enough to bring the ponies to us at the beach to surprise Kaitlyn during her photo shoot!! Seriously, good job mom and dad, way to make a photo shoot not only super fun, but something she will remember ALWAYS! Since this was one of my whimsical portrait packages, we had more time and planning and we were able to also incorporate balloons, floral headpieces and a surfboard. I put together a Pinterest pin board before the shoot to show them some of my ideas and then they let me know what worked and what didn’t. It was great getting to collaborate with them before the shoot, and we were all very excited to see it come together! Thank you so much Deana, Kaitlyn and Jeff for choosing me to be your Maui photo


Maui Family Portraits – The Brown Family by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

This was the first EVER professional family portrait for the Brown family! I must admit, when I saw boy after boy getting out of the SUV, I had a momentary flash of anxiety. Boys (mine included) are notorious for NOT wanting to have their pictures taken. The Brown boys were nothing but sweet, polite and cooperative! Kudos mom and dad!! The six boys range in ages from 24 – 6 months, it was cool to see the way they interacted with each other, had fun together and stepped up to help mom and dad with the baby whenever necessary.

Cash Maui Family Portraits

We had so much fun photographing the Cash family at Baldwin Beach last week. This adorable family of three were on vacation in Maui celebrating their daughter’s 9th birthday. Their daughter was allowed to bring along her best friend on this tropical adventure. We had these guys running around on the beach and climbing on rocks underneath the palm trees. These guys were so fun and we loved laughing with them as they pretended to run away from a shark jumping out of the water. haha So funny. Thanks so much Cash Family for choosing Photography by Karma Hill.

Maui Vacation Portraits by Maui Photographers

We met this adorable trio at Southside Beach for their Maui Vacation Portraits. They had the sweetest little boy with so much confidence and charm. He approached everyone he encountered on the beach to say hello and he couldn’t have been happier to met a dog that played frisbee with him. These boys all looked so handsome together and we

Varner Maui Family Portraits

We met the Varner family at Southside Beach for their Maui family portraits. They brought along all four adorable kids and their sweet sweet puppy. We had so much fun playing with these guys in the sand and running around on the beach with shovels and buckets. Thank you so much Varner Family for choosing Photography by Karma Hill. We had so much fun with you and we hope you enjoy your family photos!!Check out our last shoot with the Clark Family at Southside Beach!