Sherri & Lucas’s Couples Portraits at Southside Beach – by Chamonix

Sherri and Lucas met us at Southside Beach for their Maui Couples Portraits. This gorgeous couple started dating when Sherri moved to the island 4 years ago and they’ve been together ever since. Now Sherri works as a day-of wedding coordinator on the island and this photo shoot was her big chance to get Lucas involved in her wonderful world of cute wedding props! Sherri is so sweet and full of bubbly enthusiasm. She brought an entire box of fun props with her — balloons, goofy champagne flutes, bubble machines, hearts on sticks and sparklers! Lucas was such a good sport, playing along for his lady as she dropped coke bottles into his hands, convinced him to lie on his back in the sand, and kissed him over the top of a red rose. We had these two running all over the beach, splashing in the waves and holding lots of long kisses for the camera. Thank you so much Sherri & Lucas for playing with us on the beach — we had so much fun with you guys!

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