Maui Family Portraits – The Loop Family at Kanaha Beach by Karma Hill

Maui has some pretty different weather patterns, and even though it was sunny almost over the whole island the original North Shore location the Loop family had chosen happened to be rained out that day, so I took them to one of my personal favorite beaches, Kanaha Beach.  It has a great variety of scenery and the water is so aqua blue!  We even found a little crab friend while we were there, the girls were too grossed out to touch it, but dad thought it was pretty neat! The Loop family gets professional portraits on every family vacation, I think this is such a cool way to get annual family portraits, when everyone is relaxed and having fun together!! Mahalo Loop family for choosing me to be your Maui Photographer!! Images ©2013 Photography by Karma Hill

Maui Family Portraits – Lightfoot Family Preview by Staff Photographer Naomi

The Lightfoot family had rented a beautiful private home in Kahana and decided to use it as a back drop for their family portraits. The family was celebrating being together in paradise and wanted some photos to document their Maui vacation.  It was a beautiful day and the kids were so adorable, Naomi was able to capture some fun Maui memories for family. Mahalo Lightfoot family for choosing us to be a part of your Maui vacation!!

Maui Family Portraits Preview – Primavera Family by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

The Primavera family was such a joy to work with, they were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and wanted to capture some family portraits to help remember the special trip to Maui! It was a bright and sunny morning in Makena, and the kids had fun playing and digging in the sand! Mahalo Primavera family for choosing Photography by Karma Hill, I loved being a part of your special celebration!! Images ©2013 Photography by Karma Hill